HS DAILY – Friday, November 3, 2017


  • Help for Food Fair

Hi all,

We need some help today moving furniture for food fair. If you are in the following classes, please meet at the cafeteria at 2:35.

Grade 9 English with Mr. Benson, Mr. Hutton, Ms. Barbour, or Mr. Schneer

Thank you!! (Ms. Madrid)

  • Sign-ups for Food Fair

Sunday is Food Fair! Hope everyone is ready to eat good food, play games, and be terrified in the Haunted Hospital.

Just a reminder of the sign-ups for Food Fair. Every student is expected to help out. Please be at your station on time so that the people working before don’t end up working extra. Here is the link to the sign ups so everyone knows where they need to be. If you see any empty spots, please think about volunteering one more hour.

Again, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you! (Ms. Madrid)


  • Volunteers Needed for the Food Fair Final Shift Fun Fest

We still need students to help with the final shift moving furniture. Sign up here for good karma, lots of love from the PTSA, and an authentic workout. Food Fair Clean Up 3:30-4:30 (any grade can sign up)

THANK YOU! (Ms. Madrid)

  • HS Book of the Day

Natasha believes in science and facts. Daniel is a good son and good student. So begins a constellation worthy love story. #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • HS Athletics/Activities

– HS JV Girls Volleyball KANTO Championships on Saturday, November 4th @ ASIJ starting at 9:00 am
– HS JV Boys Tennis KANTO Championships on Saturday, November 4th @ ASIJ starting at 9:00 am

Uniform Return – In an effort to better coordinate Season 1 uniform returns, we will designate a specific date for each team to return their uniforms to the cafeteria, so please check out your respective teams date below. (if you miss the date, please bring it to the PE office)
– HS Boys and Girls Volleyball: Wednesday, November 8th, in the cafeteria during Lunch
– HS Boys and Girls Tennis: Friday, November 10th, in the cafeteria during lunch
– HS Boys and Girls Cross Country: Monday, November 13th, in the cafeteria during break

Open Gym – Coach Ken will be running an open gym session for HS Boys and Girls Basketball today, November 3rd after school from 4:00 to 5:30. All are welcome, you do not have to have been on the team prior to come out and partake.

Season 2 Tryouts Next Week
– HS Boys V and JV Basketball Grade 9 and 10 ONLY on Wednesday, November 8th @ YCAC please see Coach Ken, Mr. Murray or Mr. Tananone if you have questions
– HS Girls V and JV Basketball on Wednesday, November 8th @ the Gym please see Coach Hauet, Coach Hill or Mr. Tananone if you have questions
– HS Girls Field Hockey Wednesday, November 8th @ YCAC please see Mr. Lorimor, Mr. Brown or Mr. Tananone if you have questions
– HS Boys V and JV Basketball ALL Grades on Friday, November 10th @ the Gym please see Coach Ken, Mr. Murray or Mr. Tananone if you have questions

GO DRAGONS! (Mr. Tananone)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Tuesday, November 7 (Day 6)

Grade 11 (P0):

Group 1 – Ms. Hewins + Tutors / LOFT
University Counselling – Questions+Workbook work
Group 2 – Mr. Pitter + Tutors / M201
University Counselling – questions+Workbook work

Grade 12 (P0): University Counseling: Application Work Period – Time with Tutors
(Tutors to check in with students and have a chat about where the students are in the process of university applications.)

  • Masquerade on November 10th (Repeat)

Good morning!
As you may know, the High School Student council will be hosting the Masquerade on November 10th and are looking for performers able to perform live music. If you are interested please complete this survey by the end of this week. (Noa G)

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