MS DAILY – Tuesday, November 7, 2017


  • Lost Property

I have lost three pens 2 erasable pens and one fountain pen.

I have lost them in my science class in M302. If you happen to see them could you please give them back to Ms.Harding in room M106 or hand them in to the secondary office.

Best regards, (Mathilde Vergé-Salamon)

  • Volleyball Tournament of HOPE -TODAY! (Tuesday Nov.7.2017)

I hope you all had a blast at food fair and have a good Monday off of school!
The day of the “Volleyball Tournament of HOPE” is finally here:)
Even if you have not signed up with a team, if you would like to play show up at the gym after school and we can figure something out!
We have 5 student teams & 2 teacher teams.
Participation fee will be 500 yen per student and 1000 yen per teacher.
-> All funds will go to building a school in Cambodia in February!

There will also be a bake sale going on! Come eat some home baked goods while watching the competitive tournament between YIS volleyball players (students) going head to head then going on to play the teachers from 5:30.

Bake Sale:
Muffin, Cupcake, Cake, Chocolate Pie, Rice Krispies
Can’t wait to see all teams fight for the title of “Best Volleyball Team of YIS” (Krysta & Ioanna)


  • Reading Sessions

6E, I’ll see you today period 3 for your reading session. Don’t forget your book!

6M, I’ll see you tomorrow first period for your reading session!

(Ms. Katy)

  • Creative Workshop

Join is today at lunch for a student-led workshop on Finger Knitting. Rachel and Maiya will be your fearless leaders! (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

In this heartbreaking story, Mitch & Spencer spend the summer by the lake becoming friends & healing from devastating losses #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Athletics/Activities

Uniform Return – In an effort to better coordinate Season 1 uniform returns, we will designate a specific date for each team to return their uniforms to the cafeteria, so please check out your respective teams date below. (if you miss the date, please bring it to the PE office)
– MS Girls Volleyball: today, November 7th, in the cafeteria during Lunch
– MS Boys Soccer: Thursday November 9th, in the cafeteria during lunch
– MS Boys and Girls Cross Country: Monday, November 13th, in the cafeteria during break

Season 2 Sports Next Week-

– MS Boys Basketball on Thursday, November 9th @ the Gym please see Mr. Murray or Mr. Tananone if you have questions. All MS Boys interested are welcome to come out.
– MS Girls Soccer on Thursday, November 9th @ YCAC please see Mr. Pomeroy, Ms. Clifford or Mr. Tananone if you have questions. All MS Girls Interested, please meet at the gym after school and we will bus up to the YCAC.

GO DRAGONS! (Mr. Tananone)

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