MS DAILY – Friday, November 10 2017


  • LGBTQ+ Bake Sale Today

Good morning! In our celebration of transgender awareness week, the LGBTQ+ Human Rights group will have a bake sale after school at the movie night and masquerade dance. Hope to see you there!

Spread Love, (HS LGBTQ+ Human Rights Group)


  • MS Chiku Center Service Learning Team 

Please be reminded that there will be no Chiku Center Service Learning Team Meeting today during lunch. We will continue our lunch meetings with our next scheduled one Thursday, Nov 16th.

Thank you. (Mr. Clark)

  • MS Production

There will be NO REHEARSAL for MS Production Friday afternoon, due to Saturday’s rehearsal. Please be at the Auditorium BEFORE 10am ready to work – with a water bottle, snacks/sack lunch, and ALL cast should have ALL lines memorized. (Ms. Kimi)

  • Reading Sessions

7E, you’ll be in the library for your reading visit during period 6 today! Don’t forget your book if you have one 🙂 (Ms. Katy)

  • Monday Creativity Commons Workshop

We’re making playdoh on Monday during lunch! We will be using homemade playdoh the following week with the MakeyMakey, so this will be two weeks of low tech followed by high tech creativity. (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

These women rock, kick, yell, make, teach, swim, research, paint, think, lead and change the world. They are seriously rad. #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Arts Week

Good Morning Middle Schoolers! Next week is the MS Arts Week! Arts Week is a week dedicated to submitting daily art challenges, and at the end of the week, winners are chosen at the assembly and win fun prizes. Here are the daily themes for this year:

Monday – Black and White Photography Day
Tuesday – Illusion Trick Art Drawings
Wednesday – Dance with your teacher!
Thursday – Meme day
Friday – Fashion Friday

We will explain the themes and instructions more when the days come up, so keep an eye out! We look forward to your creative submissions.

Thanks, (MS StuCo)

  • MS Athletics/Activities

Uniform Return – In an effort to better coordinate Season 1 uniform returns, we will designate a specific date for each team to return their uniforms to the cafeteria, so please check out your respective teams date below. (if you miss the date, please bring it to the PE office)
– MS Boys and Girls Cross Country: Monday, November 13th, in the cafeteria during break

GO DRAGONS! (Mr. Tananone)

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