MS DAILY – Wednesday, January 10, 2018


  • Creativity Commons

This Friday we will have a mini drone obstacle course in the library during lunch. Can you code your way to success? (Ms. Katy)

  • Personal Project – Raising Awareness for Autism

Hi! For my personal project I am working on raising awareness for autism. So I will be hosting an awareness week where I will be posting a fact on the daily everyday and displaying brochures in the foyer which you guys can use to answer a survey (quiz) at the end of the week about autism spectrum disorder.

The tutor with the most people with correct answers will win a prize!
It would be very helpful if you could participate.

Fact Day #2&3: (sorry!)

The term “spectrum” reflects the wide variation in challenges and strengths held by each person as all people have different symptoms. Also includes Asperger’s syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance.

The term with the least negative connotation when surveyed specialists, people on the spectrum and their families for a person with ASD was “on the spectrum”. This is because this humanises the person on the spectrum by putting the word person before the autism. This emphasises the fact that they are the same human as everyone else.

Thank you! (Kasumi.S)

  • Books & Brownies (Repeat)

Celebrate your vacation reading with Books and Brownies during lunch this Thursday. Bring a book to read, chew on a brownie, and chat with friends about what you read over the break. (Ms. Katy)


  • MS Chiku Service Team 

We will NOT have a MS Chiku Service Team Meeting today (Wed, Jan 10th) as I am away on another school related trip. I look forward to our first visit to the Chiku Center coming up soon. We will meet next Thursday, Jan 18th, as planned and on your schedules.  (Mr. Clark)

  • MS Reading Sessions

I’ll see these classes in the library today! Bring a good book if you’ve got one.
6H: period 3- come straight to the library after break.
7K: period 4
8H: period 8! Let’s end the day reading 🙂

8U, I’ll see you in the library period 7 on Thursday. Bring a good book with you!

(Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

France, 1794. The Revolution is raging, and the aristocrats are in danger. It’s flee the country or face the guillotine. This vivid piece of historical fiction combines drama, magic, romance and sizzling adventure in a satisfying read. #msbookoftheday #yislearning (Ms. Katy)

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