HS DAILY – Wednesday, February 14, 2018


  • Calculator Found

If you lost your calculator, contact Mr. Mejía. (Mr. Mejia)

  • Cellphone Found

A cellphone (docomo) in a dark brown case and earphones were found in the library yesterday. If these are yours, please come to the Secondary School Office. (Ms. Shiina)

  • Chiku Veggie Drive (Repeat)

Good morning dragons!
We are from the Chiku Center advocacy group and want to let you know that we are running a veggie drive this week from Monday (the 12th) through Friday (the 16th). This time of year it is very challenging for people living at or below the poverty line in Yokohama to remain healthy. Your donations of fresh vegetables can help fight off serious illness!

There are green bins in the main lobby (foyer) and you can carefully place your veggie donations there. The Chiku Center particularly needs nice and fresh veggies that won’t rot quickly.

Thank you! (Chiku Advocacy Group)


  • Service Groups to Host LIVE AID

On Friday, March 2nd, our Live Aid Concert will end Service Week for High School students. You are invited to vote for the 2 service groups that you would like to see host Live Aid this year. Four groups are interested in hosting and the top two service groups with the most votes will host Live Aid.
Vote HERE! Voting closes on Thursday, February 15th at 4:00pm.
(from the Student Service Committee)

  • Message from HS Student Council

Good morning high school!

Today is a special day because it is Valentines day! To celebrate this, this week Friday, 16th, HS student council has prepared you two great events:

Straight after school, we will have movies and games night in the Language building from 4:00~6:00
For movies we have, Fantastic Beast, Suicide Squad, and the famous Your Name, or Kimi no Na wa. These are exclusive movies that you might have missed! This will be happening on the first floor of language building.
For games, we have smash bros tournament, where the winner gets free entrance to the dance later on! This will be happening on the second floor of language building.

From 6:00~8:30, we have the Valentines dance in the cafeteria, prepared with great chocolates and sweets celebrating this week’s valentines vibe. The entrance will be 300 yen for single, and 500 yen for pair, but for this dance, no extra fees are charged for food and drinks that is in the dance venue! We have prepared a lot and hope you could join us on this special occasion!

Hope you could all come and relax for once in our busy days by coming to the games and movie night and dance!

Thank you! See you there! (HS Student Council)

  • HS Athletics/Activities

Season 3 Athletics News:

– HS Boys Soccer tryouts last day is Friday, February 16th. All those interested, please meet at the gym to take a bus up to the YCAC. Please see Mr. Tananone if you have questions.

– HS Girls Soccer tryouts last day is Friday, February 16th. All those interested, please meet at the gym to take a bus up to the YCAC. Please see Mr. Ralph or Mr. Tananone if you have questions.

– HS Boys and Girls Badminton continue Friday, February 16th. All those interested, please meet at the gym. Please see Coach Ken or Mr. Tananone if you have questions.

Season 2 Uniform Returns – Please make sure you return your uniform on the date assigned to your respective teams. Myself, Ms. Yoko and members of the Dragon Council will collect uniforms in front of the cafeteria during your lunch break. Ms. Yoko has already emailed all of your teams the date to return your uniforms. If you forget, please drop your uniform at the office ASAP.

GO DRAGONS! (Mr. Tananone)

  • HS Book of the Day

Are you an Introvert or Extrovert? Take the quiz at bit.ly/2EnrM2q Extroverts, read these books & learn about the power of your introverted peers. Introverts, read these & quietly pat yourselves on the back. #hsbookoftheday #yislearning #psychology
https://twitter.com/yislibrary/status/963533660564541440 (Ms. Katy)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Wednesday, February 15 (Day 6)

Grade 11 (P0):

Group 1 – Ms. Hewins + Tutors
Social Emotional – The Art of Practical Kindness
Daily / SC Announcements / by Post

Group 2 – Ms. Wilson + Tutors
EE – Planning initial research / Managing and organising the EE
Daily / SC Announcements / by Hooker

  • New HS Service Group! (Repeat)

There is a new service group looking to get started up and finally take a look at mental health in the YIS community.
They aim to:
Create a safe place that offers support and resources
Raise awareness on self care and how to to help others
Reduce the ever-present stigma and shame of mental illness by learning more
All in order to create a happier and healthier student body who will have yet another set of resources to benefit them throughout life. So if you’re interested in mental health or laying a new path so others can walk a little easier email Mr. Clark (clarka@yis.ac.jp) or Alex Baxter (19baxterc@yis.ac.jp) (Mr. Clark)

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