MS DAILY – Wednesday, April 11, 2018


  • Message from the Mental and Emotional Health Club

‘Loosing people we love is a terrible thing and to have to go through the grief that comes with it can be painful, isolating, and frustrating. It isn’t something people move through quickly and isn’t something you can do alone.
Last week, Mr. Clark was visited Nagoya International School to show his solidarity and offer support for those who were affected by the death of a student who was hit by a car and killed.
The Mental and Emotional Health Club (MECH) thought the school community should do something for Nagoya International school too. On Thursday April 12, we are going to try and fold 1,000 cranes as a gift. Join MEHC (The Mental Emotional Health Club) in the library as we work towards our goal! (MECH)

  • Junryu Fu’s presidential campaign 2018 More information coming soon… (For HS & Grade 8)

“Ok Junryu” is a slogan made to communicate that he is a reliable, capable, determined and friendly leader, and he is ready to take on the role as your President. He is your friend, your team mate, and your future president. I stand by you, and only you.
Follow us on facebook for his policies, additional informations and updates:

If you have any questions, please email  or talk to him during break and lunch:) (Junryu)


  • MS Reading Sessions

8R, I’ll see you today during period 4! 6E, I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to bring your books. 🙂 (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

The time is 1872. The place is New York City. The photographer is Horace Carpetine, and the subject is wealthy matron Mrs. Fredrick von Macht. But the person who keeps showing up in the photos? Von Macht’s dead daughter Eleanor. 😱 #yislearning #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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