MS DAILY – Friday, April 13, 2018


  •  Mental and Emotional Health Club Bakesale (Repeat)

Anyone feeling overwhelmed by school already? Wind down with a sweet treat baked by the Mental and Emotional Health Club (MEHC) this Friday during break outside the cafeteria. We will be selling tasty brownies, cupcakes, and cookies. It’s the perfect way to end your week. (MEHC)

  • 2018/19 High school class representative results (Repeat)

Good Morning Highschool and 8th Graders!
We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the class representative elections speeches and question session this week.
Here are your 2018/19 Class representatives!

Grade 9 (current grade 8)
Elena, Kiya, Sophia, Trent & Yuki

Grade 10 (current grade 9)
Miki, Megan, Sabrina, Erica & Andre

Grade 11 (current grade 10)
Kai, Rei, Kenryom, Mia & Chloe

Grade 12 (current grade 11)
Kohsei, Simon, Junryu, Erik & Helena

Thank you, we hope to see you around! (HS Student Council)


  • MS Athletics/Activities

Season 3 Athletics News:

– MS Boys Baseball @ ASIJ, Saturday, April 14th, verses St. Marys and ASIJ first game at 10:30 am.

– MS Boys & Girls Track and Field @ Oi Futo, Saturday, April 14th, starting at 9:00 am

(Mr. Tananone)

  • Reading Sessions

6M, I’ll see you Monday! Bring your book if you’ve got one. (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

It’s the series that everyone is racing through: 12yo Sophie discovers the abilities that have always made her stand out are actually because she’s an elf. Brought to Eternalia to hone her skills, she learns she has secrets others would kill for. #yislearning #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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