MS DAILY – Tuesday, April 17, 2018


  •  Epic Arts – Visiting YIS!

At the end of May, YIS is hosting a group of visiting performers from a Cambodian-based organization called EPIC ARTS. EPIC Arts provides support and arts-based education to people in Cambodia with physical disabilities. They will be at YIS to share their message that ‘every person counts’ and will be running workshops for all MS and HS classes during their visit.
Watch this video to meet the performers and learn the sign language symbol for Yokohama International School! (Ms. Urquhart)

  • Math Field Day participants

All Math Field Day participants, we will meet today (Tuesday) in M201 for a short meeting during recess. Please come to M201 at 10:40 a.m. Thanks, (Ms. Latve)

  • Mental & Emotional Health Club – Crane Folding

Hello YIS students!

Last Thursday we began our trip to 1000 cranes with an origami session in the library. We managed to get to 450 cranes! As we continue to work our way to 1000, feel free to fold a crane or two in the library at breaks or even take some paper home and fold on the train.

A big thanks to everyone who came to support us in this endeavour and we look forward to continuing to work our way to completion. (MEHC)


  • MS reading sessions

7E, I’ll see you Period 1 today. Just come straight to the library from tutor.
8U, I’ll see you today during Period 4.
(Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

2018 @sakuramedal contender Wolf By Wolf just came back in yesterday! Come check it out today & be swept away by Yael, death camp survivor of painful human experimentation, who has the power to skinshift and one all encompassing goal: to kill Hitler. #yislearning #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • Red and White Fundraising Concert to benefit the Chiku Center (Repeat)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Red and White Fundraising Concert to benefit the Chiku Center just before Spring Break. We raised an incredible ¥43,403 with the White Team coming out ahead with the total raised to help the Chiku Center. The acts were all incredible but special congratulations are in order for all of the white team performers. The total amount raised is a new Red and White record and opens up possibilities to help that we haven’t been able to consider before. We are currently discussing with the Chiku Center how this money can most benefit people living in poverty in the Kotobuki-cho area of Yokohama. Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported this effort. We will keep you updated on how the money is put to good use. (Mr. Clark)

  • MS Chiku (Repeat)

There will not be a MS Chiku Center meeting this week (April 17th). Our next meeting will be on Monday, April 23rd and the next Chiku Visit on April 27th. Have a good week everyone. (Mr. Clark)

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