MS DAILY – Wednesday, May 9, 2018


  • Room Changes

Becuase of grade 9/10 exams, there will be some room changes. Please pay attention if you have class on the 2nd or 3rd floor period 1/2 this week. (Ms. Madrid)

Mr. Bates’ Class to M306

Mr. Hauet’s class to M106


Ms. Barbour’s Grade 11 to M313

Ms. Latve’s 7th Grade math to M106

Mr. Meijia’s 8th grade math to M311

Mr. Hauet’s Class to M103

  • HS Van Der Poel Fundraising!

Good Morning YIS! Van Der Poel is back! As exam week continues Van Der Poel is giving you grade 9s and 10s and the entire school something to look forward to. This Friday during recess in the playground the Van Der Poel service group will be selling SHAVED ICE to raise funds for the kids at the Kodomonosono home. So please come out and end your week in the right way.

Thank You! (HS Van Der Poel)

  • Middle/High School Food Fair Poster competition

This year we are inviting Middle and High School students to design the poster we use to advertise Food Fair.
The poster must:
-Include the phrase “YIS Food Fair 2018”
-Be A4 portrait with solid background (white if hand-drawn)
-Be digital (PSD photoshop, 300 dpi) or hand-drawn.
-Use the entire sheet as background.
-Have no fine details or too many small elements.

Hand in designs to Mr Reed by Monday 4th June. The winning designer will receive a 2000 Yen gift card. (Mrs. Davies)

  • Pre Season Running (Repeat)

On Wednesday after school, there will be another chance to run with our dedicated athletes as they prepare for the upcoming XC season. Come and get fit for the summer!👟 (Mr. Brown)


  • Reading Sessions

6E, I’ll see you tomorrow! Bring your book. (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

Pepper’s 14th birthday is a big one. It’s the day he’s destined to die. Everyone seems resigned to it- even Pepper, although he’d prefer to live. But can you dodge fate? Join Pepper on the run as he keeps one eye out for angels and the other on life! #yislearning #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Dance Committee (Repeat)

The MS dance committee will have a meeting on May 11th for the upcoming dance. The 8th graders will not be allowed to come because it is there last dance in middle school so we like it to be a surprise! Please meet in Ms. Edwards room at lunchtime. Thank you!

Also: If you might be interested in being on student council next year, this would be a great opportunity to get involved and see how things work! (Ms. Barbour)

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