MS DAILY – Tuesday, June 5, 2018


  • Stay in contact with Epic Arts

One super easy yet helpful way to support non-profit organizations is to stay updated with what they do and share/like their posts using social media.

Instagram: @epicarts_cambodia
Facebook: Epic Arts (search: @everypersoncounts)
Twitter: Epic Arts News (search @EpicArtsNews)

They have been posting while they have been at YIS so read what they have said! (Ms. Urquhart)

  • Final Call Middle/High School Food Fair Poster competition

All designs must be placed in the box in the Main Office by this Friday 8th June. The winning designer will receive a 2000 Yen gift card.

(The poster must:
-Include the phrase “YIS Food Fair 2018”
-Be A4 portrait with solid background (white if hand-drawn)
-Be digital (PSD photoshop, 300 dpi) or hand-drawn.
-Use the entire sheet as background.
-Have no fine details or too many small elements.)

(Mrs. Davies)

  • Message from the Animal Relief Club

The Animal Relief Club is hosting a vegan baking session and hopes to see you there.
It will be on Tuesday 12th of June from 4:15 in the canteen, so if interested sign up quick because we only have 20 available spaces!
You can sign up here to make the treat of your life: (ARC)

  • One Final Massive Maths Challenge before the holidays

It has been a while since we posted any challenges.

If you are interested in stimulating your brain one last time before the break, then please collect the double-sided World-Cup Holiday maths challenge from outside Mrs Harding’s room today. The answers are due by next Tuesday. (Mr. Harrison)

  • ANNUAL HOOPS for HOPE 3 on 3 basketball tournament (Repeat)

Hi everyone!

Hope is organising the first ANNUAL HOOPS for HOPE 3 on 3 basketball tournament on Friday June 8th at the gym from 16:15. The tournament is open to all Grade 8 – 12 students as well as teachers.
We would love to see you play at the tournament so please sign up here! The deadlines for sign ups are Thursday June 7th at 9 AM.

The cost is 200 yen per person. There will also be a concession stand with food and drink available to help raise money for the Animal Relief Club.

The rules are simple:
1. 3 on 3 games (5 minute games)
2. up to two varsity basketball members a team
4. A Max of 5 people on each team if you would like subs
5. There will be separate boys and girls team tournaments but if you would like to have a coed team that is fine. The coed team will play in the boys tournament.

Winning teams will receive a trophy and bragging rights for being the Champs of the first ever Hoops for Hope tournament.

If you have any questions please speak to Momo Oshiba or Erik Hamburger.

Hope to see you all there. (Hope Cambodia and Animal Relief Club)


  • Grade 5 Transition Day

Just a reminder that Wednesday the grade 5 students will be joining the middle school kids. So be aware the hallways may be a little more chaotic, the yard will be even more crowded for people on playground duty, lunch lines will be a little longer, and there may be some lost kids about. Please be a smiling face, make sure the younger kids feel welcome, and everyone has a chance to play basketball. (Ms. Madrid)

  • LGBTQ Announcement

Hi Dragons! The LGBTQ+ Human Rights Group is hosting a movie night this Friday and we are hoping that it would be a great place to hang out before the Middle School Concert! We will be showing Kinky Boots from 4:15 pm so that you will be on time for rehearsals. The entry fee will be ¥300.

Here is the link:

We are also planning to order pizza and finger food from Domino’s Pizza so if you are planning to join us please answer the survey below so that we know what food to order.

We hope to see you there! (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Reading Sessions

7K, I’ll see you period 1. Grade 8 Math with Brown and Mejia, I’ll see you period 6. (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Book of the Day

Interested in fairy tales? Go deep into history with this collection of 22 classic Japanese fairy stories. In a collection that’s over 100 years old, you’re bound to discover something new to you! #yislearning #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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