Keeping track of your passwords…

I am often asked how I keep track of so many passwords. This used to be very difficult, and even though it definitely isn’t recommended, I found myself re-using the same password for different sites.

Now, instead of having to keep track of many  passwords, I only have to keep track of one. Truthfully, I don’t even know most of my web site passwords anymore… I just know they are long and almost impossible to remember. What’s changed? I started using password manager software.

Lastpass1Password, Keepass, and Dashlane are some of the most popular services, with varying functionality, cost, and utility. But they all basically do the same thing. You create a virtual vault that stores the logins for all of the web sites you visit, and you lock the vault with one difficult master password that only you know. When you visit a web site that you need to enter your login details for, you will be prompted to enter your master password, and you will then be automatically logged in to the site. Here is an overview of how these services work.

If you find yourself constantly forgetting your passwords, writing them down in a “safe” place, or even worse, using the same password for all of the web sites you visit, you may want to visit Lastpass or 1Password and take a look.