KNOCK-OUT 2017! Renaissance Edition Gr7 I&S

Today you are going to prepare for a little game that we will play next class.

Each of you will be assigned an individual from the Renaissance to do a little research on (using Encyclopedia Britannica to start, of course!)

You need to produce 2 google slides on THIS shared Slide presentation.

  1. Who your person was (with an image)
  2. Why THEY were the most important person in the Renaissance. (it does NOT matter if you truly think they were or not, you have to fight for them!)

Make sure you have cited you sources, and do use School EB!

Next class, we will present the slides and one-by-one you will decide who is more powerful, and who should be ‘knocked-out’!

Here is the list of people, the instructions again AND a list of questions to get your research started.

Good luck! and may the best Renaissance Person win!

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