SNOW DAY 2018! Grade 6 English and I&S

Hi Grade 6!

ENGLISH: So today you would have all (6E and 6M) had English with me – what I would ask is that you all read for at least 30 minutes from your Roald Dahl books.

If you have not finished your 2nd book – you must by the end of this week. So please use your time today wisely!

If you have finished your book and do not have another one – feel free to read any other book for at least 30 minutes today!

I&S: (6E) we should be looking at the case study of plastic in the ocean.

Please remember that this case study is looking at the OCEANS – you will be looking at FRESH water pollution.

Have a watch of these short videos and think about how we balance things – can we ban all plastic globally? Does that make sense? Is it possible? Or do we need a way to balance using, disposing and reusing? Is there any fact or idea that grabs your attention and makes you want to learn more? Yes? Then go for it! You guys are amazing inquirers!

BBC News

National Geo

Kids take action


Stay warm and have FUN!

See you tomorrow!

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