Gr.1 JNL Class Nov. / Dec. Schedule


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In November and December, students are going to learn:

–  Wake o Hanasou (discussion, writing, speaking)

–  Obasan to Obaasan (reading, writing)

–  Kuchibashi (Reading, discussion, writing)



Home Learning

Students will have Japanese Home Learning on Day 3 and Day 8. They need to bring them on the following Japanese class and give them to a teacher at the beginning of the class.

Day 3 HL will be assigned ⇨ Day 5 submit the HL to the teacher

Day 8 HL will be assigned ⇨ Day 10 submit the HL to the teacher

Nov.11(Fri) ⇨ Nov.15(Tue)

Diary : Food fair



Diary : My happy day


Nov.25 (Fri)⇨Nov.29 (Tue)

Diary: My family


Dec. 2 (Fri) ⇨Dec. 6 (Tue)

100 satsu dokusho nikki


Dec.9 (Fri)⇨ Dec. 12 (Tue)

100 satsu dokusho nikki

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