G4 JNL January and February Schedule


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In January and February, we are going to learn:

–  We are going to focus on writing news paper articles.  Students will introduce about Yokohama or the city where she/he lives (continue from the previous month). 

– We are going to learn about characteristics of leaders and focus on speaking about the leadership.   

– We are going to read several Sakura Medal Books and focus on writing the reflections  


Kanji and Home learning (HL)

Students will have Japanese Home learning on Day 1 (submit on Day 4)  and Day 6 (submit on Day 9). Home learning contents will be…Kanji practice, free-reading and free-writing. Please check Home learning booklet for details.



Please encourage them to review G2 level kanji in outside of the classroom as well. Please also give them many opportunities to read Japanese storybooks. We have many great books in Japanese classroom as well. Students can borrow them anytime if they let a teacher know about it.

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