Learning Target in January and February


Posted by Akashi sensei | Posted in Grade 3 Akashi sensei | Posted on January 9, 2017

G3 Japanese Native Class will work on below.

– Inquire into how speed, volume and pitch of your voice can be used to express feelings in a story when performing dramatic reading using a selection of ‘kamishibai’ and other written stories.

– Practice writing a report their opinion on their inquiry on recycling and waste.

– Learning level appropriate kanji related to the topics; Story telling performance and Waste. (handouts)

– Working on independent reading skills using “100 satsu dokusho nikki”.

Students will continue having Home Learning tasks every Monday for 30 min. Thank you for your support at home to be prompt on using time. It helps students to learn how long 30 min is.

HL tasks

Day 2 – Independent Reading (submit “100satsu dokusho nikki’ on Day 3)

Day 8 – Journal writing (submit on Day 9)

1月18日「せつめい文 かみしばい」




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