What is our role?

At our first meeting people were a bit nervous.  This was the first student council meeting for the Elementary School Student Council (ESSC).  Everyone in the room wanted to help make YIS a better place, but nooone was sure exactly how we could do that.  Some students and teachers had experienced student councils in other schools but we had to figure out what our YIS ESSC would be like.

After some discussion, the teachers suggested that it might be useful to look at the websites of other ESSCs, to see what they did.  We spend the next few meetings researching other ESSCs.


We decided that we needed some clear aims about what we wanted to achieve as a student council. We brainstormed to make a list of things that we thought we important for a student council.  The list was long, and there were many ideas that were similar.  We grouped the ideas and reworded, till we came up with three aims that we thought could drive our work.

The role of the Elementary School is to make YIS a better place by:

  • Welcoming new students to YIS and looking after them as they settle into our school.
  • Getting ideas from other students about how to improve our school
  • Make sure our school is peaceful, everyone is happy and there is no bullying.