Elementary School Pajama Day

Following on from a suggestion that came up at a meeting with the Middle School Student Council, The Elementary School Student Council were keen to organize some kind of spirit day. We discussed a few different ideas. We decided than any thing we organized should fit in with these guide-lines:

  • be fun for students at any grade level between Kindergarten and Grade 5
  • not interfere with routines as we have to share spaces with Middle and High School
  • not take away time from learning
  • not cost money
  • not be extra work for teachers

We had three ideas which fitted these guidelines:

  • crazy hair
  • pajamas
  • dressing up in your favorite sports kit
We voted to see which idea was the most popular. It was pajama day. The idea is that anyone that wishes could come to school in their pyjamas on Friday 17th May. We wrote to Ms Pender to ask if it would be okay. We told her that our idea wouldn’t  cost any money or interfere with learning. Ms Pender agreed. The student council will have photographing service during both lunch recess, outside the cafeteria.

We would like to organize this event because it would be a great experience if the whole of elementary could participate. It is like we are building a community! Don’t forget to wear your pajamas!

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