Student feedback on the new playground equipment

  • I think the new equipment is good because a lot of the other kids are playing with the equipment more.
  • I really like the new balls on the playground because they are small and better for younger people. 
  • It is more fun now that we have more balls because now everyone can play.
  • The new balls are way better because they bounce higher and you can kick them and they dont hurt your toes
  • I like that now there are three different kinds of balls -before we had only kind. I like to play with all three kinds.
  • The old hoops were too small so I couldn’t do the hoops so well and then I didn’t like it so I stopped playing with them. But the new hoops are much better and I like playing hula hoops again.
  • The old hoops were scratchy.
  • The new hula hoops are way better because they go really fast from spinning -it’s cool!
  • The marble run is awesome but there is one problem. The marbles keep going in the gutter. 
  • The marble run is cool. I think it’s a good idea we got those pipes. I like how you can set it up in a lot of different ways. I think it would be better if there were more connectors.
  • The marble run is interesting because you use your imagination and work as a team.
  • I can’t wait for the sand to come!

Digging with the new gardening tools

Building a marble run

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