This week in Student Council

Notes by NOA:

On Kiva we will read about Kiva on their website and next week we will talk about it. We will talk to other classes about Kiva and the 1 yen drive to lend to Kiva.  We will be on assembly on Friday. We are going to work on a script during next weeks meeting

Elementary School parks there bikes and Middle School and High School students block the Elementary School students bikes.

Some students were feeling lonely.

Student Council students try to make them feel better.

Food fair November 3rd. CARNIVAL!! How to pay? 5th Grade cleaning tables?

Don’t forget that next week…. everyone will look at the KIVA website and we will make a script to tell all the classes about the 1 yen drive.

Upcoming issues and agenda items:
Our next meeting Tuesday 1st is devoted to preparing for KIVA presentations to each grade and assembly.
The following week, Tuesday 8th we will be talking about the bike racks problem.
On Tuesday 15th we are talking about Food Fair.
On Tuesday 29th we will meet with Ms Catasti about the playground and sand pit.


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  1. Hi student council, you may want to check out 5W’s blog post about Kiva I found it very interesting. I started to loan money through Kiva when Jamie and Elif Raskin told me about it. I am looking forward to learning more at the assembly.

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