This Weeks Meeting- November 5th

We spoke about the film night that will be happening on Friday 15th.

We thought of some rated G options:

  1. Sound of Music
  2. Shrek
  3. Sugar Rush  Reckit Ralph
  4. Despicable Me 2
  5. Rise of the Guardians

Ms Catasti sent a message about the Playground and wanted to help with ideas about the new sandpit area:

Here are some thoughts we had to improve the new sandpit area:

  1. We could go to Homes to buy some shovels and buckets.
  2. All the toys need to be plastic like the ones on this link.
  3. We also thought that story time in the sandpit would be fun.
  4. The Student council would read a story or put on a show while the audience sits in the sand!
Takumi took notes today and Polina will share the minutes with Ms Catasti.

We also talked briefly about KIVA and how to choose a project. We decided that we will contact the Year 9 Students who have made some decisions about KIVA and see if they could present their ideas to the ESC. In turn we would present this idea to our classroom teachers and see if we could pool our money together. Of course some class teachers have already through about where the money they have collected will go.










Ms Catasti

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