This Weeks Meeting- November 5th

We spoke about the film night that will be happening on Friday 15th.

We thought of some rated G options:

  1. Sound of Music
  2. Shrek
  3. Sugar Rush  Reckit Ralph
  4. Despicable Me 2
  5. Rise of the Guardians

Ms Catasti sent a message about the Playground and wanted to help with ideas about the new sandpit area:

Here are some thoughts we had to improve the new sandpit area:

  1. We could go to Homes to buy some shovels and buckets.
  2. All the toys need to be plastic like the ones on this link.
  3. We also thought that story time in the sandpit would be fun.
  4. The Student council would read a story or put on a show while the audience sits in the sand!
Takumi took notes today and Polina will share the minutes with Ms Catasti.

We also talked briefly about KIVA and how to choose a project. We decided that we will contact the Year 9 Students who have made some decisions about KIVA and see if they could present their ideas to the ESC. In turn we would present this idea to our classroom teachers and see if we could pool our money together. Of course some class teachers have already through about where the money they have collected will go.










Ms Catasti

This Week Student Council- October 8

Great job at assembly ESC.  Everyone went to visit the classrooms so now all the children and teachers know about KIVA and our plans for the 1 yen drive.

Our next step is to provide donation boxes in each classroom… if needed. Many classes already had the donations started.

We will talk again about this at assembly on November 1st. In the elementary school we will collect all the money (unless teachers have other plans) and decide where our money will go. We will ask Mr Clark to visit our meeting soon to talk about KIVA options.

Bike Racks

Problems and concerns:- bike seats are getting wet and its too crowded in the bike racks.

Possible Solutions and ideas:-

Could we move the plants? Park under the cover? Get more parking?

We will ask our own classes how many people ride a bike to school. Do they have problems?

We will find out how many elementary students need bike parking and discuss solutions if needed next week.

Also next week we will talk about the Food Fair.




This Week at ESC meeting

Today we reviewed our blog from last week and made a Script for visits to classrooms.

The grade 3 children will introduce the 2013-14 Student School Council at assembly this Friday. Each G3 Representative will prepare to read some of the script that we worked on together.

Each person will introduce themselves at the assembly and then on Monday next week each rep. will speak to their own class about the 1 Yen drive.

Because the lower elementary classes don’t have reps. we will visit them.

Maya and Erica will visit 2Q

Lukas will visit 2F

Kalab will visit 2C

Takumi will visit 1R

Noa will visit 1S

The grade 4s will visit K classes


You will have a visit from one of the people in this photo next week

This week in Student Council

Notes by NOA:

On Kiva we will read about Kiva on their website and next week we will talk about it. We will talk to other classes about Kiva and the 1 yen drive to lend to Kiva.  We will be on assembly on Friday. We are going to work on a script during next weeks meeting

Elementary School parks there bikes and Middle School and High School students block the Elementary School students bikes.

Some students were feeling lonely.

Student Council students try to make them feel better.

Food fair November 3rd. CARNIVAL!! How to pay? 5th Grade cleaning tables?

Don’t forget that next week…. everyone will look at the KIVA website and we will make a script to tell all the classes about the 1 yen drive.

Upcoming issues and agenda items:
Our next meeting Tuesday 1st is devoted to preparing for KIVA presentations to each grade and assembly.
The following week, Tuesday 8th we will be talking about the bike racks problem.
On Tuesday 15th we are talking about Food Fair.
On Tuesday 29th we will meet with Ms Catasti about the playground and sand pit.


Elementary School Pajama Day

Following on from a suggestion that came up at a meeting with the Middle School Student Council, The Elementary School Student Council were keen to organize some kind of spirit day. We discussed a few different ideas. We decided than any thing we organized should fit in with these guide-lines:

  • be fun for students at any grade level between Kindergarten and Grade 5
  • not interfere with routines as we have to share spaces with Middle and High School
  • not take away time from learning
  • not cost money
  • not be extra work for teachers

We had three ideas which fitted these guidelines:

  • crazy hair
  • pajamas
  • dressing up in your favorite sports kit
We voted to see which idea was the most popular. It was pajama day. The idea is that anyone that wishes could come to school in their pyjamas on Friday 17th May. We wrote to Ms Pender to ask if it would be okay. We told her that our idea wouldn’t  cost any money or interfere with learning. Ms Pender agreed. The student council will have photographing service during both lunch recess, outside the cafeteria.

We would like to organize this event because it would be a great experience if the whole of elementary could participate. It is like we are building a community! Don’t forget to wear your pajamas!

1 yen drive

Today in our student council meeting, representatives from the High School student Council (HSSC) came to the ESSC meeting to talk about the 1 yen drive and to ask the ESSC for their support. The HSSC has decided that the money collected by this year’s one yen drive will be denoted to World wide charity called charity: water.

Each class has received a container in which to collect their one yen coins. Other coins, more than one yen, can also be collected so long as the coins are Japanese, as some banks will not exchange foreign coins.

Mr Stanworth works with Elementary School, Middle School and High School Student Councils. He mentioned how useful it is when all three student councils work together.

Profits from the ES Dance.

There was profit from the ES dance. The PTSA asked the ES Student Council where they thought the money should go. These are the ideas we came up with.

  • Tohoku
  • Kiva bank (click here for a video about how Kiva Bank works)
  • ES Fun day
  • Playground equipment
  • Another school dance

If you have some thoughts about these suggestions or if you have some other suggestions please leave a comment on this blog.


Finding a new Head of School

Mr MacDonald, our Head of School is leaving and we need to find a new head of school. This week, three candidates came to our school to interview for the position of the head of school. The Elementary School, Middle School and High School student councils met together to interview the three candidates. Before  meeting with the candidates, the ESSC reps met and came up with the following questions:

  • What experience have you had being a head of school (or another management position)?
  • What are some things you are planning to do in our school?
  • Why do you want to be a head of school?
  • What do you think is the role of a Student Council?
  • Please tell us about a time when you handled a big problem.
After meeting with the candidates the ESSC reps met and discussed their impressions. Below are some of the key points that arose during the feedback discussions:

Mrs Nabholz

  • She is very nice and friendly which is important for our school
  • She seems like a good problem solver
  • She would be good for this school because she had many experiences dealing with difficult situations.

Mr Sell

  • He is really funny
  • He thought it was important to respect everyone and to know what everyone is thinking
  • He said he was good in dealing with people

Mr Coutts

  • Interested in outdoor education
  • Nice to talk to
  • Very “open”

Mr Stanworth said that the candidates mentioned how much they had enjoyed meeting with the student council.