Elementary School dance

Today we met to gather feedback about the Elementary School dance. Overall, the ESSC reps thought the dance was very good.

 “It was awesome!”

“Much better than I thought!”

The ESSC reps made some suggestions:

  • Someone mentioned that the timing of the dance coincided with some student’s dinner time and some people felt a little hungry. It would have been good if there was more snack. Others suggested that students eat before they come to the dance.
  • Someone suggested that the dance could start at 4:15 then people could go straight after ASA. Someone pointed out that some ASAs do not finish till 5:30.
  • Quite a few people thought it was a bit hot inside.
  • Everyone thought that Jamie and Charlotte were very good DJs.
  • People particularly liked when Middle School students showed Elementary School students how to do the dance moves

“The Middle School students did a great job!”

  • Mr Stanworth mentioned that he has a strobe light and a smoke machine that we could borrow next time.

Everyone agreed that we should have another dance next year.  Thank you PTSA!

Making plans for 2013

Today we had our first meeting of 2013. We had a lot of ideas of things we would like to implement this year.

Welcoming new students
We talked about how to welcome new students. Tasha and Ms Kumamoto mentioned how delighted the new students had been to receive their welcome cards and we agreed that the cards were worth the work. We talked about how it was important to check that everyone happy at recess times, and not feeling left out or lonely.

Suggestion boxes
We talked about gathering ideas from elementary students for 2013. We planned to remind students to use the suggestion boxes at the Elementary School assembly on Friday. Isabelle suggested that we leave paper and pens by the suggestion boxes as people might not have a pen with them. At our next meeting we will look at the suggestions in the box so far.

Elementary School Dance
the PTSA are organizing an Elementary School dance. This is the first time YIS has had an ES dance. Almost all Student Council members will be able to attend the ES school dance. After the dance we will feed back to the PTSA on how we thought the dance went and make suggestions for what we could do to make the dance better.

Students raised concerns about the safety of gymnastics in the climbing frame are. There were lots of different opinions. We decided to survey other students in upper elementary to see what they think. Isabelle, Caleb, Aqielah, Sam and Noa volunteered to work on putting together a survey. Caleb offered to graph the results of the survey.

Getting feedback from other students

At our ESSC meeting today we reflected on the classroom visits that took place last week. The purpose of the classroom visits was for the ES student council reps to introduce themselves to their assigned classes. At our session today, reps shared their class visit experiences. The students came up with a list of the suggestions made during the class visits. We organized these sessions under three headings. We will address these suggestions in future sessions.

Suggestions to work on:

  • Reps from other grades be included in Student Council
  • Playground
  • Communicating with the rest of the school

What’s important to the ESSC?

We are continuing to think about the role of the Elementary School Student Council. Today we brainstormed to think about what kind of attributes a Student Council rep should have. This is what we came up with.

Mr Stanworth meets regularly with Elementary, Middle and High School student councils. He explained that it was important for the three student councils to work together.

Our first meeting for the new school year.

For the last few weeks we have been going through the process of selecting student representatives for our Elementary School Student Council. Today we had our first meeting.  We began by thinking about what photograph we should use for our blog header. We talked about what kind of image was appropriate for a student council; how we want to present ourselves, what message we want to convey to the school community.

At first we chose this photograph:

But then we talked about what impression people might have about us when they saw the photograph. We talked about the roles and responsibilities of student council representatives.

  • We have to be responsible -we are kind of like teachers.
  • People can look at us and know that we can look after them.
  • You are part of a team and you have a job to do. You have to look like a team.

We voted on whether needed to take a new photograph.
For: 8
Against: 2
Abstentions: 3

In the end we chose this photograph:

Van der Poel Christmas Party

On Saturday December 3rd, Elementary School Student Council members helped the M.S and H.S Van der Poel group host a Christmas Party for children from a children’s home. At 9:00 am everybody from student council came to the canteen to decorate the canteen with our decorations that we made over a couple of weeks. We decorated the ceiling and then we put up the Christmas trees. It was really hard work but we got it done in the end.

At 11:00 the visitors came. Mrs. Kumomoto put us all into groups of 3 or 4. Then she took us to a table and said to wait until a group of visitors came. About 15 minutes later each table had at least 8 visitors sitting at it. First all the student council people started to talk to the visitors and get to know them better. It was fun to meet new people.

At 11 o’clock we watched the visitors’ performances. At 12 o’clock we started eating lunch till 2 (including deserts). YIS student volunteers had to wait till the very last before we could eat. It was later than our usual lunchtime and there was lots of different food. The dessert was the best. Then there were two Santas who gave out presents for the visitors. And then it was over. Ms Tasha helped us to tidy up and then our parents collected us and we went home.

The best part was when we ate food and meeting new people but it was hard if you don’t speak Japanese. I think it is a good idea and I hope we can do it next year.

Continuing work with MS and HS Student Councils

Last week, reps from the Elementary School Student Council (ESSC) attended Middle School Student Council (MSSC) and High School Student Council (HSSC) meetings. Today those reps fed back to the other ESSC reps about the meetings. One observation was the the MS and HS meetings seemed more “formal” and “serious”. ESSC reps were surprised that the HSSC meeting was led by students, not teachers, and had a president and vice president. The ESSC reps reported that they were welcomed warmly and felt included at both meetings.

As a result of these meetings, the ESSC is going to support two initiatives:

  • the MSSC’s drive to collect stationary for a school in Cambodia that some MSSC reps will be visiting
  • the HSCS’s initiative to have a spirit day

We are not quite sure what this will look like in ES, but we will discuss this in more detail over the coming weeks.

Strengthening links with MS and HS student councils.

Today Bobby came to the Elementary School Student Council to talk about raising money for the victims of the Great Tsunami. He explained that the High School Student Council were keen to work more closely with the Middle School and Elementary School student Councils to lead a school-wide drive to raise money to help people in the Tohoku region. Bobby told the ESSC that our school, YIS, had made connections with two schools that they were trying to help.

This month, Kianna,Saya, Lisa, Hana will visit Middle School Student Council and Emma, Elena, Aisling and Ryan will visit the High School Student Council.

Connecting with MS and HS Student Councils.

The Elementary School Student Council reps are interested in meeting with the Middle School and High School Student Council reps. They have been invited to attend one of the MS and HS Student Council meetings, to introduce themselves and to discuss ways that the School Councils can support each other. This shall be a focus for October.

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Our Second Meeting

Today, Mr Stanworth came to our ESSC meeting. He explained that he works with all three Student Councils (Elementary, Middle and High schools) and would be coming to our meetings every other week (week A) to work with the ESSC reps and to help them.

Then the students split into three groups to brainstorm our three ESSC goals:

  • Welcoming new students to YIS and looking after them as they settle into our school.
  • Getting ideas from other students about how to improve our school
  • Make sure our school is peaceful, everyone is happy and there is no bullying.

The students recorded their ideas on this google doc. We will continue to work on this next week.