This Week at ESC meeting

Today we reviewed our blog from last week and made a Script for visits to classrooms.

The grade 3 children will introduce the 2013-14 Student School Council at assembly this Friday. Each G3 Representative will prepare to read some of the script that we worked on together.

Each person will introduce themselves at the assembly and then on Monday next week each rep. will speak to their own class about the 1 Yen drive.

Because the lower elementary classes don’t have reps. we will visit them.

Maya and Erica will visit 2Q

Lukas will visit 2F

Kalab will visit 2C

Takumi will visit 1R

Noa will visit 1S

The grade 4s will visit K classes


You will have a visit from one of the people in this photo next week

Student Council Grade Level Reps

The Elementary School student council reps assigned themselves to particular grade levels. They will work with their assigned grade level all year. This way, they will build up a relationship with the students they are representing.

  • Kindergarten Lisa and Hana
  • Grade 1 Kianna and Saya
  • Grade 2 Emma and Elena
  • Grade 3 Deven and Ryan
  • Grade 4 Aisling and Andreas
  • Grade 5 Sayaka and Ceci

The ESSC reps have been preparing presentations for their grade levels. Over the next few weeks, they will be visiting their assigned grade levels to introduce themselves, explain the role of the ESSC and listen to any concerns or suggestions that the children may have.