This Week Student Council- October 8

Great job at assembly ESC.  Everyone went to visit the classrooms so now all the children and teachers know about KIVA and our plans for the 1 yen drive.

Our next step is to provide donation boxes in each classroom… if needed. Many classes already had the donations started.

We will talk again about this at assembly on November 1st. In the elementary school we will collect all the money (unless teachers have other plans) and decide where our money will go. We will ask Mr Clark to visit our meeting soon to talk about KIVA options.

Bike Racks

Problems and concerns:- bike seats are getting wet and its too crowded in the bike racks.

Possible Solutions and ideas:-

Could we move the plants? Park under the cover? Get more parking?

We will ask our own classes how many people ride a bike to school. Do they have problems?

We will find out how many elementary students need bike parking and discuss solutions if needed next week.

Also next week we will talk about the Food Fair.