Conference Schedule

Students & Chaperones Arrival

All student teams, and their chaperones will arrive on the evening of Wednesday, 6 March 2013.

Day 0: Tokyo Sightseeing

On Thursday, 7 March 2013, we have arranged a scavenger-hunt-style tour of Tokyo, following the Yamanote subway line. All student participants and their chaperones will attend. All participating teachers are welcome.

Participating Teachers Arrival

All participating teachers should be in Yokohoma by the evening of Thursday, 7 March 2013.

Day 1: Full Conference Day

Friday, 8 March will be our first full conference day. All participants are required to attend. On this day, teams will:

Day 2: Full Conference Day

Saturday, 9 March will be our second full conference day. On this day, teams will:

Day 3: Conference Half Day

Sunday, 10 March will be our final conference day. The conference will end at 1pm on this day.

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