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Visit to the Kizuna Project Office

Kizuna Project 2030 is a non-profit organization that seek to help the kids under the age of 18 in terms of educational aid and mental health. The organisation bases their main office in Tokyo, whilst they associate with the F.B.F (Fortunate Blessings Foundation) and actively host/perform exercises that support the stability of mental health, with children who live in Ishinomaki, Kesenuma, and Sendai-city. We had been in contact with them since December of last year however, our attempts to attend to their volunteering events had been unsuccessful.


Last saturday, we had finally made our first visit to the main office of Kizuna Project 2030 (http://kizuna-project.jp/) located in Ebisu, Tokyo. We begun our one hour conversation first by introducing ourselves. They were very impressed to the point that we were spending our own weekend for a visit to their office; to spend our time to seek for ways in which we can volunteer to aid those suffering from the 3.11. As we had in advance told them that we were a group of International School students seeking to volunteer for Tohoku, they seemed very interested to the point that we were all High-School students that can both speak Japanese and English. Us being high schoolers made a point that we were relatively close with the kids receiving aid, in terms of age, and this meant that we would be more able to understand the feelings of the kids receiving aid, and recognize what we would want if we were in the same stance as them. Not only, we would be also be able to mingle with the kids, and build a strong relationship with them by us teaching them how to speak and write in English. However, they also mentioned the importance of building relationships with the kids over an adequate time. There are lots of volunteer groups and camps that go over to Tohoku and greet the victims living in temporary houses in an aim of encouraging them. However, viewing from the perspective of those who are suddenly visited by volunteers whom they have never met in their life, this can cause them to suffer from a distress. The leaders of the project pointed that before taking challenges to visit the kids the project is in contact, it is better that we check for updates on their FaceBook  page where they post information on upcoming events. The Kizuna Project 2030 frequently hosts charity events in the Community Centres in Shibuya in order to raise funds to operate events and make visits to the kids, as well as workshops within the Tokyo area that teach us how to perform the mental care exercises. Before we are able to make any visits to the kids, it is better that we join these exercises and events and start building a relationship with the members of the project. They seemed very encouraged however, when we mentioned the possibilities in the future of us hosting events such as a sport tournament at our school, and inviting the children from Tohoku.


After our visit, I had sent an e-mail to them thanking for allowing us to spend their time with them, and I had also asked if, for the meanwhile that we wait for their updates on the events that we can join, we can also make a start by fundraising within our school. They were in acquiesce with this, especially when I mentioned a personal idea that we may sell Misangas (bracelet charms) as they may represent a part of their project name, ‘kizuna’, which means ‘bond’ in Japanese. For the meanwhile that we wait for updates, our group can start fundraising by selling snacks and beverages at the St.Maur versus Y.I.S dodgeball tournament that was postponed, as well as contact the student council if we may fundraise at the Live Aid, and I will also discuss to the group about the Misanga idea as well as other means of raising funds.


Here is a photo from our visit to the office. The meeting included the secretary general, executive committee member, and the president.




Kizuna Project 2030 Official Website

Kizuna Project 2030 FaceBook Page

Fortunate Blessings Foundation

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