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Sunflower Project Plan

To plant our sunflowers and grow them so that they will work as radiation absorbers in the cemetery, we needed to grow them in the plant box until they are grown enough to be moved to the cemetery. To do that, we needed plant boxes, place with ideal condition to grow them and the other things needed to grow those sunflowers such as soil.


For the plant boxes and place, we contacted Mr. Snowball to ask about those matters. After four meetings with the principle, we could get the permission to use the roof of the library building and two plant boxes of school. One of those plant boxes is already located on the roof. The other one is located right in front of the main building. We could also get information of every plant boxes in YIS. We got the information of the location and the people who are managing those plant boxes or flower gardens.


Since what we are doing now is growing the sun flower seeds in the laboratory of Mr. Rossing, we are going to use the roof later in April, when the flower seeds grow up and be ready to be planted to real soil. Once we start doing that, we will see if we need any more places or plant boxes and if we do, we are going to contact elementary school administrators for using the plant boxes located next to elementary building or the flower garden of elementary school. Also, we will contact with school gardeners to get help such as moving the plant boxes or moving the plants to other place.


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