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GIN Environment: Plant Menu Update 1

The “Plant Menu” is a sub-group of the GIN Environment Group. We have made it our goal to set up a system through which school staff can order the plants that we have grown in the greater GIN group. Right now we are figuring out which plants grow at this time of the year, in order get the system started. We researched several plants which will grow with sufficient sunlight in Mr McKeown’s room. As of now these plants are planted and we are waiting to see if they successfully germinate. The five plants we’ve planted are: basil, arugula, daisies, komatsuna, and a random mixture of flowers of which most have a high probability of surviving. Komatsuna has been successful, we might be able to deliver it next week. Additionally, we planted lavender last semester which has already grown and will be part of our system as well.

IMG_4077 IMG_4078

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