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Onigiri Session – November 2016


We are the New Communication Group for the Gin Chiku Group of 2016 – 2017. In Chiku, we are in charge of the communication between the homeless community and the school. We aim to update the school on events we take action as a group, and raise awareness on ouractivities.

Recently, we held an Onigiri (Rice Ball) event where we collaborated with the first graders in making onigiri and we delivered them to the homeless community. With the money we raised from our past years, the Events group prepared the rice, and condiments for the Onigiri’s. Although this has been recurring event over the past years, this time, we contributed to the World Food Day Campaign: Onigiri Action.

onigiri-for-chiku-center-7314-xl“Community engagement both within and without of the school was the most beautiful part about participating in the onigiri-making event,” Chiku Communications member Sasha Aronson stated on November 30th. “Not only was I able to interact with people I had never talked to before, but I felt like I made a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than me. I was reminded that we are all interconnected, and every action we make influences the people directly and indirectly connected to us. That’s super important for YIS as a global-minded community.”

We will be hosting more onigiri events in future as well

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