Chiku/ Sanagitachi

The Chiku/Sanagitachi group of GIN aims to provide support to the homeless population of the Kotobukichō area, through various fundraisers and monthly visits to serve these people.


The Chiku Center is located 20 minutes away from the Motomachi-Chukagai station, and holds cookouts weekly. Volunteers help to chop vegetables for the nutritional rice-stew, and help serve the occasional treat of riceballs.


Sanagitachi assists people by providing temporary low-priced housing, and various necessities. Nightly patrols ensure their safety, and a restaurant is available to people in need.


Some notable events we have organized in the recent past have been the teacher-karaoke fundraiser, and morning onigiri-making session, as well as the annual rice drive. Feel free to browse our page, and check out our weekly blog posts to keep up with Chiku!


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