Combating Human Trafficking

We are the High School Combating Human Trafficking group at Yokohama International School, formed in 2012.  The purpose of our group is to learn more about the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of young people in Japan. We are trying to seek ways to combat and raise awareness of this issue. We also support and stay connected to the Non-Government Organization, Lighthouse  – the only organization in Japan that deals with human trafficking.

We meet every week to try and think of new ways to raise awareness and to get more people involved with wanting to make a difference. The purpose of our group is to combat the issue of human trafficking and raise awareness in the YIS community and beyond. We also encourage more people to get involved with our service and show them how their help can make a difference to someone else.

We have done multiple things in order to help reach our goal including having bake sales, raising funds to bring a speaker from Lighthouse to the school, and getting involved with Live Aid. Live Aid is a school event where students have the chance to perform in representation of a difference service. After each performance, they will be able to make a donation to that service. We are very happy with how this school year has gone in term of raising awareness and in the future we would love to be able to plan more talks with Lighthouse and to have more events going on in order to raise awareness and funds to support the organization.

For more information, please see our most recent videos, below. Please note, there are two amendments to the first video: 1. Lighthouse has consulted with 3,800 victims. 2. The current number of victims Lighthouse has supported is now over 200.


After forming in 2012 we originally focused on human trafficking in Cambodia, with particular focus on the Somaly Mam Foundation – please see the first video we made to introduce our group at the bottom of this page.

For our blog posts please go here . 🙂


  1. Hiroshi Tsutomi
    Posted September 24, 2015 at 10:36 pm | #

    Dear members of the Human Trafficking Combating Group,

    Thank you for giving us wonderful presentation at the advocacy cafe
    yesterday. You are so sincere and I love the way you are committed to
    your activities. Especially, the video is so good. I am impressed.

    I am a university professor at the University of Shizuoka (Shizuoka
    Kenritsu Daigaku) and I would like to have my students watch your
    video. If you can help me to share the video, I will strongly
    appreciate your assistance.

    Hope that you will be more successful in your work.


    Hiroshi Tsutomi
    Univesity of Shizuoka

    • Miss Cox
      Posted September 29, 2015 at 8:13 am | #

      Dear Professor Tsutomi,

      Thank you for your kind comments. We were honored to speak at the Advocacy Cafe, and we are glad you enjoyed the presentation. The video is now on our goals page. Please feel free to show it to your students. This is the link:

      We are keen to stay in touch. It would be interesting to know more about your students and their goals. We hope the video is helpful.

      Best wishes,

      Ms Cox (on behalf of the YIS CHT group).

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