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What is the Somaly Mam foundation?

The Somaly Mam foundation is a non-profit organisation created to end female prostitution/slavery, and is dedicated to empower its survivors. Made in 2007, by a female activist Somaly Mam, the main goals for this foundation is, to help victims to escape their plight, empower its survivors with economical independence and hope, and engage different corporations, individuals, and even the government in the fight. Somaly and her team have helped women and children from Southeast Asia, where trafficking of women and children are extensive. The SMF have international support, and their Voice For Change survivor-leaders work as activists, advocates and catalysts of the next generation.

How did Somaly Mam come up with this foundation? (backstory)

Somaly Mam was born in the Mondulkiri province of Cambodia. Therefore, she lived in extreme poverty, and her family was very desperate to survive. Because of this, Somaly Mam was sold into a sex brothel at a very young age. There, she had been tortured and raped, along with many other women and children, for many years. She finally had enough of living in such a lifestyle, when she had seen one of her close friends get brutally murdered. She escaped from the brothel, and moved abroad.

What is their main goals?

The Somaly Mam foundation’s goal is to give victims and survivors a voice in their lives, free victims, stop or finish slavery, and authorize survivors as they make and support lives of nobility. They are willing to confine slavery.

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