What we do during our meetings (2014-2015)

GIN and Amnesty Collaboration – 26th of November 


During the combating human trafficking meeting on Wednesday November 26th, our group was mixed with the Amnesty International group where we discussed a joint collaboration between GIN and Amnesty International. Through this collaboration, we plan to raise awareness and inform others of the issues we are looking at.

Video Group: final edits of logo, send logo to blog, poster and facebook group, plan the video,Emily works on video till next week, start video,look for photos for video
Plan the video: add statistics, images and text, simple, group leaders in the video, 40 seconds long, explanation of what the group is doing/ fighting against

Communication group: Editing the draft of the letter to organizations that the group had picked. There were some confusion of the name of this one organization since the link said ‘Polaris’, but the actual website’s name was ‘Lighthouse’. So right now, we are figuring that part out.

Poster Group: Working on the lay out. Received photos and the logo to put in the poster.

Amnesty Group: discussing ways to promote GIN by having people write letters for the amnesty group. Giving out pastries for every letter.
A certain portion of the bakery goods may be given to amnesty to be given out for free in exchange of the promotion of GIN and a chance for the GIN to write a letter through amnesty. More discussion is needed and this may not actually happen

The video group has also created a new GIN combating human trafficking logo (see above). To raise awareness for the group as well as to raise money, we are planning to host a bake sale on the 8th of December.



Introducing the combating human trafficking group – 19th of November 


During the combating human trafficking meeting on Wednesday 12th of November, we successfully divided into 5 main groups including the video group, poster group, communication group, blogs group, and the secretary group. Although there are various reasons for this, it most importantly allows the group as a whole to be more efficient as these smaller groups will focus on one specific area of interest. During the course of this meeting we discussed specifically what each group is responsible for during the course of this year.

Video group:

  • Raise awareness through the creation of a minimum of 1 video per semester
  • Generate ideas for a logo to represent the combating human trafficking GIN group

Poster group:

  • Create the combating human trafficking logo using the ideas generated by the video group
  • Make posters at a consistent rate throughout the year to educate people about the charity we will be donating towards

Communication group:

  • Contact the charity we will support
  • Establish an understanding between the charity and the combating human trafficking group in terms of supporting them
  • Use Skype to, when possible, directly speak to the charity

Blog group:

  • Generate a blog post weekly, in order to keep track of actions taken during our weekly meeting, whilst maintaining quality

Secretary group:

  • Record what is done every meeting on a shared document to assist the blog group in creating their consistent posts.

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