The world is a huge place with huge amounts of problems everywhere that we can not unfortunately fix. However locally, we can make a difference. That is why as a sub group of Global Issues Network (GIN) we have decided to focus on helping the foreign cemetery right across from our school, Yokohama international School (YIS). This cemetery is an enormous place and especially during fall with all the dead leaves that scatter the area and other littered pieces of trash, they need help keeping the cemetery clean for visitors and in respect of the family and friends buried there. Therefore we have decided to continue on with this activity that started 4 years ago in the Middle School Community Service Team of cleaning and taking care of the cemetery. Our whole group as well as others from different sub groups of GIN go to clean the cemetery around twice a month for an hour before school. We feel it is important to give back to our community and by helping just by sweeping the dead leaves and pine needles and picking up stray pieces of trash, not only are we are helping the community and the cemetery but also the family members and friends that visit their loved ones. They will feel content and respected that the home of their loved ones is clean, tidy and nice. The main reason why we continue to clean the cemetery is not only to obviously pick up the trash and keep Japan’s reputation of a clean country intact but mostly to help the cemetery to look presentable and pleasant. This is also a good opportunity for advantaged people like us to learn to do some labor work like sweeping. To continue to keep the cemetery pleasant, we plan on planting sunflower at the front of the cemetery to beautify it once it the temperature gets a little bit warmer.

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