Sunflower Project

Despite being a senior, it is my first year in the Environmental Group of the Global Issues Network. One of the compelling features of this group is that mostly everything we decide to do is student-led; we come up with projects that would contribute in mitigating the environment in or out of our school. For instance, this year, our major task is to plant sunflowers in the cemetery near our school. One reason for choosing sunflowers is because sunflowers “can pull radioactive contaminants out of the soil” (

However, because our group is student-led, the biggest challenge we faced last semester was actually initiating our activities. Discussing and planning our activities was not so difficult, but actually meeting together outside our regular meeting time and doing something took us a significant amount of time.

Nevertheless, our group is now on track. Although we cannot plant sunflowers during winter, our supervisor, Mr.McKeown, kindly offered his room for a place to plant and water them. Just a week ago we saw sprouts coming out of the soil already which is a good start for our project.

We have two major tasks to work on from now and on. Our short-term task is to keep the sunflowers alive, and our long-term task is to think of ways to sustain this project. True environmental mitigation comes from sustainability, and so we must not forget to make our project sustainable for years that are yet to come.

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