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The ‘Kizuna’ Project group is consisted of five members, and our aim in participation to the Tohoku sector of GIN is to support kids and teenagers who had become orphans due to the 3.11 earthquake in 2011. Such attempt is done throughout the association with two Japanese Non-Profit Organisations, namely the ‘Sendai Aoi-Tori Project’ (, and the ‘Kizuna Project’ ( The first is an organisation based in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, and their focus is to financially support students graduating high school to proceed to their secondary education such as universities. Once a year is held a term where students may submit their applications that include why they wish to receive financial aid. The selected students are then endowed with money raised from fundraisers and charity events. Our participation here is to involve in raising funds, and such has been done through bake sale to high school and middle school, as well as by selling bracelets to the elementary. The latter mentioned ‘Kizuna-Project’ is a project providing Therapies to Kesenuma city, Ishinomaki City, and Sendai city, with having their main office located in Tokyo. Their main aim is to support the children of age 0-18, who lost their parents due to the earthquake until year 2030, in terms of economic finance as well as psychological care. More information can be found in English on their about us page (

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Visit To The Kizuna Project Office (3/12/2014)

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