Photo Clean Up

We are the Tohoku Photo Clean-up group. The group consists of five members, and we clean pictures that have been washed away by the tsunami then found at the Tohoku region after the 3.11 earthquake. After we finish cleaning those pictures, we send those back to the owners. We have cleaned several photo albums from Kamaishi and other Tohoku areas. This event is held three times a month, through MM Omoide Kaeshitai at Minatomirai. The last time, a few of the members from HS GIN went to Minatomirai on January 18 and 19.

We take care of the pictures from Tohoku and other areas that were affected by the tsunami, so all of those in Tohoku who have lost their homes and possessions that held memories, will still remember what they have done in the past, looking back at those pictures. There were cases where the owners have come to the events themselves to pick up their photo albums that we have cleaned. All the owners thanked us greatly for cleaning and recovering their past memories. This is our main motivation for participating in this activity.


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