A Weekly Journal

One of the biggest components of MYP Technology (and the upcoming MYP Personal Project) is documenting what you’ve been working on. To help you stay on top of this, we will begin to keep a weekly process journal of what you’ve accomplished in and out of class for the week. This is a way for you to organize your work as well as your thoughts. It could/should include:

  • A summary of what you  accomplished in class.
  • A summary of what you worked on outside of class.
  • Any ideas or inspiration you have for your project.
  • Links to resources you found or notes you took.
  • Screenshots of what you have done.

This journal should be updated at least once a week and should be a Google Doc (Grade 9 Version; Grade 10 Version) in your shared Technology folder. It should be at least a paragraph (±100 words?) but probably not more than a page.

Image Credit: part of me by nahlinse licensed under CC BY NC SA

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