Broadcasting in Scratch

BroadcastThere are two really important functions in Scratch that will help you when it comes time to code your game. This first is the use of variables and you have had a bit of an introduction to that when you finished the double jump tutorial.

The second is the idea of broadcasting. This is a way to get sprites to interact with each other by sending out (broadcasting) a message for all sprites to “hear”. Once the sprites receive that message, they can then start their own scripts.

You can use broadcasting to create an interactive animation. For example, when clicking on different objects on the screen, you can make your main character speak and spell the word for the user to see/hear. You can also use broadcasting to end a game when a player runs out of lives/health or to make a quiz game.

See if you can copy this broadcasting program that I’ve created. How can you modify it to make it more interesting? Can you add the spoken word as well as the written word? In a different project, can you make two characters interact automagically?

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