Educational Game Design: Inquiry and Analysis

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done a lot of small tasks to help us get ready to design our game. We’ve investigated the Scratch interface. We’ve discussed the need for learning how to code. We’ve started thinking about the questions we will need to have answered in order to complete this project successfully. We’ve taken a look at previous games that have been created in order to critique and analyze them as well as to get some inspiration and ideas from them.

Now it is time to bring all of those things together. Your first assessed task is to collect all of the work that you have been doing and submit your inquiry and analysis. As the task-specific clarifications have four sections, I would advise you to organize your work in a similar manner:

  • Section 1: Statement of problem and justification for solution
  • Section 2: Research Plan
  • Section 3: Analysis of existing solutions
  • Section 4: Design Brief

The design brief should be informed by the previous three sections. There might be some parts of the brief that seem to repeat what you’ve said in the first three sections, but the idea is that the design brief should stand on its own. Assume that other people will only see the design brief so it is important that it is complete.

This will be due at the end of class on September 29. In addition to uploading it to Veracross, I will ask that you also upload it to Turnitin. This may require you to create an account. We will discuss how to do this in class.

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