Mission Accomplished – Creating your visuals

Now that you have created your design specs, developed your design ideas, and selected your final design, it is time to start the creation process…


The Plan

created at http://paletton.com

created at http://paletton.com

The first part of Criterion C requires a detailed plan of how you will create your solution. This plan will be included in your final write-up for the creation phase but should be completed prior to beginning the actual creation (hence the word “plan”!). Create a new Google and for each of your visuals, you should list out:

  • the different visual elements that you will need to include in your final product (logos, photographs, drawings, shapes, banners, etc.), including where you will find these elements (hand drawn, take the photo yourself, create the graphic your self, download from where (including copyright license info))
  • the different fonts that you are planning to use. (This might be already on your finished draft of your poster; just add it into your plan.)
  • a sample color palette from PalettonKuler, Pictaculous or similar. (If you use Google Chrome, Image DNA is a cool browser app.) This color scheme should include the color codes so you can reproduce the exact color in Photoshop or Pages (or whatever program you will be using).

Combined with your finished draft, this should be enough information to allow any other person to create the visual instead of you.

The Creation and the Process Journal

Once your planning document is complete, you can begin the act of creation. As you encounter any issues or as you make any modifications from your original plan, these should be noted in your process journal. What were the issues and how did you solve them? What options did you consider and why did you select the option that you did? What inspired any modifications to your original design? If you aren’t doing this on an on-going basis in class, be sure to take the last 5 minutes or so to address these questions, along with your general progress and your plans for your homework time and your next class session, in your process journal.

Our goal is to spend the next 4 class periods (up until the holiday) working on the creation phase.

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