eLearning for Today

Super Typhoon Phanfone’s Path, courtesy of The Weather Channel

Super Typhoon Phanfone is here. I trust that you are all home, safe and dry.

All of grade 9 should continue to work on the development of your game ideas. Based on your week last week, you should have your design specs written and most/all of your game pitches written. It is now time to focus on choosing a design (don’t forget to justify why you’ve chosen it) and to create the storyboards for that game.

Like I said, stay safe! I’ll see you later this week.

Mr H

eLearning for 16 October

Two typhoon days in one year???

I hope you are all staying dry and safe. The wind is pretty crazy where I am at the moment, though it has stopped raining (for the moment).

Grade 9 Technology

Today we planned to continue working on our design and planning stages. These are due by Friday before you go off for your well-deserved holidays. The design stage should include the different storyboards you have created as well as the your decision: which one are you going to create and why (based on your design specifications)?

Grade 9 Math

This puts a damper on getting ready for our test on Friday, but we’ll work it out. I have just invited everybody via email to private Google + community just for our class. I will be online from 11:00 to answer any questions “live”. I mainly want to discuss the work that you were asked to do while I was away last week, that includes the Sine Rule, the Cosine Rule and finding the areas of a triangle. I have posted discussions for each of the sections where you can ask questions and help your classmates. If possible, we can try out a Google Hangout, where we can get up to 10 people together in a video chat.