SNOW DAY: January 18th 2016

As you may or may not know, it is a snow day today. I hope you guys all stay safe and warm. But of course find the time to do some maths.

G7 Please can you please have a go at this online transformation Game.

This gets progressively harder. Your goal is to get all 18 transformations correct with now errors. In other words a perfect score of 1800!

We will still have the investigation on Wednesday, as it does not need any prior knowledge, that’s why it is an investigation!


G11 Please can you take a look at these links for 

Greetings. Today we were going to look at the three rules of the area of a triangle and the sine and cosine rule. Please read through these websites below and take a look at the youtube links too.

Area of any triangle :


Sine and Cosine Rules:


PLEASE try the questions on the pages too!

Typhoon Math Madness

Students it appears that there is no school on Monday the 6th of October, thanks to our Friend Number 18 Typhoon.

Firstly stay safe…. and yes I have set you work for the day you can find it on Veracross and you will also receive an email from me with the details early in the morning.

Enjoy your day

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 5.20.02 PM

Curves and what happens to them. 6 Lessons

We will be investigating what happens to curves as they turn or bend. How their gradient changes and algebraic techniques we can use to find this out. That will be Properties of curves. Chapter 16, from textbook – see resources

As with last year we will be using Mathematics SL textbook, available from the resources page.

FIRST Class next week, we will have a test on all of last years material.

Lesson 1: Wednesday 27th August: Tangents and Normals 16A

Lesson 2: Monday 1st September:  TEST on all last years Materials

Lesson 3: Wednesday 4th Sept. (Single Lesson) Increasing or Decreasing Curves 16B

Lesson 4: Friday 6th Sept. (Single Lesson) Stationary Points  16 C

Lesson 5: Monday 9th Inflections and shape  16 D and Review of topic. Quiz

Lesson 6: Thursday 11th September. Test on Topic


Probability Week 1

Its easy to win the lottery. Right?

We are going to be looking at Chance and how mathematics can help us predict outcomes.

Our goal will be able to design a fair game, which can be controlled.

Our statement of inquiry is : Discovering mathematical relations can lead to a better understanding of fairness.

Our key concept is relationships.

We will be working with the textbook International Mathematics Book 3. Chapter 14 Available from the resources page

Sets and Logic Week 1

Our first unit will be Sets and Logic. This unit will take us on a journey through a system of techniques to solve problems where we have combinations which overlap and we need to find solutions that allow for these overlaps.

Our goal will be demonstrate how this form of mathematics can be used in the real world to solve problems and to see if there are patterns in these methods that can be used for far bigger problems.

Our statement of Enquiry is: Rational Approaches can be used to solve problems mathematically

Our key concept is Logic.

We will also be reviewing last years material, to get evey ones brains back into maths. This year we will be using the textbook New Signpost Mathematics 8. This is available on the resources page.

Thinking Mathematically Week 1

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.07.29 AMWe are going to look at how to solve problems mathematically. This is Chapter 2 from  International Mathematics for the Middle Years. (see resources)

We are going to be asking each of you to do some research on what methods can be used to solve what problems.

Our goal will be to be able to code-break by the end of the 4 weeks.

Our statement of Enquiry for this unit will be: Rational approaches can be used to solve mathematical problems.

Our key concept is Logic

We also need to review Beginnings with numbers Chapter 1.  International Mathematics for the Middle Years.

Cool games for this week:  Simple Nim , complicated Nim