Curves and what happens to them. 6 Lessons

We will be investigating what happens to curves as they turn or bend. How their gradient changes and algebraic techniques we can use to find this out. That will be Properties of curves. Chapter 16, from textbook – see resources

As with last year we will be using Mathematics SL textbook, available from the resources page.

FIRST Class next week, we will have a test on all of last years material.

Lesson 1: Wednesday 27th August: Tangents and Normals 16A

Lesson 2: Monday 1st September:  TEST on all last years Materials

Lesson 3: Wednesday 4th Sept. (Single Lesson) Increasing or Decreasing Curves 16B

Lesson 4: Friday 6th Sept. (Single Lesson) Stationary Points  16 C

Lesson 5: Monday 9th Inflections and shape  16 D and Review of topic. Quiz

Lesson 6: Thursday 11th September. Test on Topic


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