SNOW DAY: January 18th 2016

As you may or may not know, it is a snow day today. I hope you guys all stay safe and warm. But of course find the time to do some maths.

G7 Please can you please have a go at this online transformation Game.

This gets progressively harder. Your goal is to get all 18 transformations correct with now errors. In other words a perfect score of 1800!

We will still have the investigation on Wednesday, as it does not need any prior knowledge, that’s why it is an investigation!


G11 Please can you take a look at these links for 

Greetings. Today we were going to look at the three rules of the area of a triangle and the sine and cosine rule. Please read through these websites below and take a look at the youtube links too.

Area of any triangle :


Sine and Cosine Rules:


PLEASE try the questions on the pages too!

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