October 2014 archive

Acids and Bases in your life

We are going to test common substances for their acidity and alkalinity (basicity) or level on the pH scale.

After doing this activity in class, you will reflect on what types of substances are usually acidic and which ones are basic.

Once you have completed this, please read the following page on acids, alkalis and the pH scale.

Answer the questions at the bottom right of the page (on a yellow box) in your notebook please.

HL Chem 15.2 Entropy and Gibb’s Free Energy

Dear HL Chem students,

Stay warm and dry!
What better way to feel cosy than by considering the random chaos of the universe? Please use your text book, with Section 15.2 on Entropy and Spontaneity, to fill out the study guide to this topic here.
(You can print it, or write point form notes somewhere else if you have no printer…)

Can’t figure out what the textbook is saying? Or what the guide is asking? Here are the “answers” according to the study guide. Speak to each other, too.

Good luck, see you soon.
Mrs Harrison

Typhoon day amusements for Grade 8 scientists

Dear Grade 8,

While you are staying safe and dry at home, imagine your metals… I wonder which metal is best for a typhoon shelter??
Please make sure your Metal investigation science report is clear, scientific and impressively complete according to the rubric (TSC) for Criterion B and C.

When you think it is done or by the end of class time Monday, whichever comes first, please change the sharing settings so that anyone in the school can COMMENT on it, and put the link to the file here.

See you soon,

Mrs Harrison

Typhoon day motion and forces fun for Grade 9 :)

Dear grade 9,

I will miss you Monday. Please estimate the velocity of the wind passing your home. May the forces on your roof be balanced. Stay safe!

You will be wondering: how we can review for your upcoming test when we are not in school??? Please review the sections of your text book (2.01-08, 2.10,11 and 3.01-03) that we covered.

Here are some practice problems you can also do. Not to worry, here are the answers also.

See you on Thursday!