November 2014 archive

Review of acid, base and neutralization

Before the break, we looked at acids and alkalis (bases in solution) and how to measure their strength with indicators and the pH scale.

Here is a text that talks about this information.
Page 1 (read this)

Page 2 (read this too)

Page 3 (answer the questions in the box on the left, writing the answers in your notebook please)

Now, watch a Brainpop video by logging into Drive and accessing Brainpop from the menu. Then go to the video on pH scale and complete the quiz after the video.
IF you have time, go to the Acids and Bases video and do that quiz as well.

There is also cool interactive ‘lab’ that you click through under games. Search for pH. It comes in two parts – you do the pH scale and calibration part first, and then the Acidifying Salsa part. This may be helpful for our next lab.

Atomic structure and periodicity in the DP

DP chemists:

we are going to look at topics 2 and 3 next, if you would like to peruse these sections in your textbook.
Here is an overview (from the IB) of what you need to know/will get to practice and discuss in the next three weeks or so.

Here is a document with some links to additional resources we will use.

In case you are counting the days, you will probably have a test late in November, and then we will look at bonding briefly before the winter holiday, and then finish bonding in January and have a nice test then too. Details to follow.

Here is a link to post your completed lab report if you don’t want to print it/it looks better in the e-version.