Grade 8 coordination biology

We have been looking at muscles and movement. Here is a copy of the textbook part that goes with this unit. (You should have a paper copy also).

Now that you can describe how muscles work and joints and bones function in your body, we need to look at the systems that control your movement : the nervous system.

Find out a bit about the brain and your nervous system here at KidsHealth or here at this revision site.

See the brainpop videos on the nervous system. (Nervous system, spinal cord, neurons)

Don’t forget to practice  your juggling regularly and keep track in your notebook.

We are going to do an experiment on coordination, reflexes and response times. We will collect common data and then you will choose the appropriate data for your experiment.

HERE IS A STUDY AID for your upcoming test on this unit.

You have one other task in this topic – to explain clearly a factor about the brain and learning that would be useful for a grade 8 student.

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