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The very beginning of kinetics… in the beginning, there were airbags…

Why do you need perfectly timed reactions?

See this link (from Zach)

You are going to model an airbag (in a modified world) and then we will discuss factors that affect rates of reactions. This is from chapter 6 in your textbook.

You could also see here for a good basic idea.

Airbag champions this year are Team Ray and Tomo, and Team Aal, Nils and Jun.

Make a creative model (comic, film, song, dance… etc) to explain collision theory and factors that affect reaction rate.

If you make an e-version please send it to me to post for the education and edification of others.

Collision theory

Molecules must have the correct orientation to react successfully

Molecules must have enough energy to react successfully

Cool kinetics video from Tomo and Ray